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Health And Environmental Bamboo Furniture To Give You A Comfortable Life

Jan 18, 2017

bamboois a natural growth of natural vegetation.  Bamboo and wood is different, it is not only quite tough, strong, and easy bending, but it is more than it is to the advantage of wood is that its regenerative capacity. It,  is a fast-growing plant, the general growth cycle is 4-6 years, relative to the current widespread use of wood furniture market in terms of bamboo has a strong ability to regenerate. Zhangmu growth cycle of 120-130 years, the pine for 80 years, and the oak is 160 years long. The face of modern humans due to the continuous deforestation, causing resource-poor, natural ecological imbalance and the emergence of the serious consequences of severe weather. Therefore, from an environmental point of view, a lot of development and use of bamboo furniture, after all, a country and the people are helpful to future generations a good choice.

    An important method in the natural atmosphere of home furniture is focused on the material, and bamboo furniture means that close to nature, natural and pollution-free furniture is to ensure a healthy life. Intense urban complex production rhythm makes people desire after a busy day can get rid of all the tension, completely relax. Increasing development of modern society but also bring with it many modern industrial by-products, such as radiation pollution, emissions, ultraviolet, etc., due to the destruction of the ozone layer, global weather warming, El Nino, La Unani phenomenon to humans knock noon the alarm, people environmental and health awareness growing, modern desire to live in a clean, leisurely and carefree, healthy living environment. bamboo furniture can not only add a natural flavor for your home life, but also to give you a comfortable and pleasant "outdoor" style.

People used to believe in the use of bamboo furniture in the summer to give people a cool and comfortable feeling, but now the aid of air conditioning by means of cloth upholstery, soft cloth decorated by means of the changing room, bamboo furniture is no longer summer patents, but sang the "four seasons."bamboo furniture can contain almost all types of furniture, such as bamboo lounge chair, bamboo dining tables and chairs,bamboo sofa, bamboo chair, bamboo rocking chair, bamboo bed, bamboo coffee table. Bamboo ottoman, bamboo storage box  and so on. Bamboo furniture is not just furniture, home life, but also can be used as office reception room furniture. In addition, the use of bamboo furniture in hotels, restaurants, bars, tea house, clubs and other public places of consumption are increasingly high proportion.

Return to nature, focusing on environmental protection, pay attention to leisure, the pursuit of healthy aesthetic concepts of modern life has become increasingly popular. From costume jewelry to hair and beauty, from gourmet cuisine to see drinks. From the environment to the decoration of residential furniture, from transportation to the family car trips, etc. These basic human survival element contains the basic necessities of life aspects in today are natural and environmental protection, leisure and health as the theme, the interpretation of a new life in the 21st century philosophy. Take home life in terms of art furniture,bamboo furniture for its unparalleled health and environmental advantages of contemporary home decorating has become the best choice.