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Healthy Bamboo Veneer Furniture That You Can Not Miss

Feb 10, 2017

Healthy Bamboo Veneer Furniture That You Can Not Miss

Now the market is dominated by solid wood furniture, the price is high that some young couples cannot afford. To buy a set of high quality solid wood furniture is really a budget pressure. Furthermore, various kinds of solid wood furniture is hard to choose from. Well, have a glimpse of bamboo veneer furniture has been touted by the ancients. How about having a healthy bamboo veneer lifestyle? 

Bamboo veneer has natural color, high hardness which is elastic, moisture-proof and easy to be processed into various types of furniture. Bamboo is pulled into the wire and then repressed, the density and hardness can almost be comparable with old mahogany furniture. 

Bamboo has natural texture, dense and straight, very beautiful. Bamboo also has good moisture absorption, heat absorption, corrosion resistance performance, not easy to wear, not easily deformed, more durable than hard wood. Due to automatic adjust of humidity and low thermal conductivity, bamboo furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer. With no dust, no condensation, bamboo veneer furniture is easy to clean and can avoid the breeding of mite bacteria, especially for allergic people. 

In recent years, developed technology solved many problems of the original bamboo veneer furniture so there are carved and parquet bamboo veneer furniture you can see. In terms of appearance and quality, bamboo veneer furniture can replace the solid wood furniture. Do not wait any more, come and contact us about more details of bamboo veneer to have a set of bamboo veneer furniture!