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Low Carbon Environmental Stylish Bamboo Furniture

Jan 17, 2017

Furniture market is now more and more lively , a variety of materials abound. Recently, bamboo furniture also swept up . We should imagine bamboo furniture is a kind of feeling , bamboo material already has a lot of advantages , here we come to look at the specific bamboo furniture.

Now bamboo furniture is very popular these days , of course, a large part of the reason is that it is environmentally friendly low-carbon . But friends should understand that nothing is perfect, and early to see a low-carbon green fashion bamboo furniture , but also can not ignore its drawbacks, requires an objective understanding.

Bamboo Furniture Introduction : First or simply talk about bamboo furniture , bamboo furniture is made ??of bamboo raw materials processed into furniture , low-carbon environmental health is also rich in culture , has become the new darling of the furniture industry , consumers buy furniture formaldehyde emission an indicator of most concern. After bamboo furniture scientific process, or benefit people's health .

Advantages of bamboo furniture : the advantages of bamboo furniture is self-evident , natural and simple , fresh and chic , cool, good compressive strength, flexural strength , environmental protection and so on , with these characteristics , whether young or old people believe should have very like , on the home feeling very fresh. The main advantage of bamboo furniture is reflected in the following :

First , green , made ??from natural materials : bamboo can regulate indoor humidity , UV absorption, antistatic, beneficial to human health. In particular, the depth of the plate after carbonation, processed into permanent discoloration of bamboo furniture , as well as strengthening the role of adsorption indoor harmful gas.

Second, the high-temperature cooking , three anti-treatment : a thorough sterilization by high-temperature cooking , different from the traditional bamboo furniture craft, to prevent infestation fundamentally mildew. Strict control of pressure and moisture content , criss-cross arrangement of bamboo and other scientific process to ensure that the bamboo furniture to prevent cracking and deformation areas beyond the wood .

Third , fresh and beautiful , elegant : bamboo natural color, flexible, able to moisture, high hardness, double bamboo in furniture design style has made a bold breakthrough , while retaining the traditional bamboo furniture streamline modeling based on the integration of the Chinese classical furniture elements to achieve the perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection .

Bamboo itself because of the material and the growth environment , bamboo chair furniture is easy insects, of course, this is easier to worse ; there is use in the north because of the climate is very easy to crack , deformation , and so on . But in recent years, bamboo timber through constant technological improvements , technology matures. Make bamboo timber with strength , dimensional stability, no insects , resistance to cracking , etc. . Production of bamboo furniture making high-quality materials .