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OEM Bamboo And Wood Chopping Board And Cutting Board

Dec 09, 2016

PX supply our own R&D designs of various of bamboo chopping board and cutting board, also we supply OEM production for many famous bamboo chopping board wholesaler and kitchen board suppliers etc. For 7 years. We offer a wide variety of cutting board thickness in standard sizes and can custom make any size or shape cutting board to fit your custom application.

OEM cutting board from Commercial Quality to Custom Sized Boards


Get the exact size cutting board that you need. We manufacture our cutting boards to the exact size you need.

This Cutting Board is made from High Quality Moso Bamboo. Due to it's sustainability, our bamboo is easy on the environment and your knives and provides a nice alternative to hard wood cutting boards. Bamboo is known for it's density, strength and quality

We can make boards of any shape or size, circle, cut outs, etc. We use a powerful CNC machine to cut the board to your exact specifications. If you can dream it, we can make it! We can also engrave names, logos, etc. Pricing varies depending on the project.

Bamboo Chopping  Board Vs. Wood Chopping Board 
In fact, bamboo wood chopping block and Wood bamboo chopping block  per has each advantages and disadvantages,
the user can choose according to true demand.
Bamboo chopping board: 

strong and not prone to cracking or dregs phenomenon;
Bamboo Choppping board is easy to clean, no dirt stuck in the gap;

easy to dry,so it is  not to be moldy and odor phenomenon.
However, because the bamboo chopping board is kind of bamboo plywood , it will be easily damaged if bang


Wood Chopping Board :

wood chopping boar is famous of  thick and strong toughness which is Suitable for meat and chop the bones.
However, the shortcomings of wood chopping is its easy prone to cause wood residue during  using, and if  wood residue are eat into the body,and if long-term consumption of such wood residue will cause permanent damage to human health; another shortcoming its easy to accumulate dirt, bacteria, is not easy to clean and strong water absorption so it is not easy to dry.