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Salient Advantages, Pros Of Bamboo Decking

Feb 13, 2017

Salient Advantages, Pros of Bamboo Decking

Bamboo is an all-natural surface material which shares many attributes with hardwood, though it is much different from hardwood. Bamboo decking is actually processed from the world’s tallest grass, bamboo. You need to know the inherent properties of bamboo so as to understand the benefits that it offers. 

Bamboo decking is an eco-friendly option 

Bamboo itself is a natural resource which is highly renewable. Bamboo grows to maturity in four to six years. The growth rate of bamboo is much higher than the hardwood trees that take at a minimum of twenty years to grow to maturity. The fast growth rate translates into lower manufacturing costs, which results in lower retail prices for the end users. 

Bamboo is easy to maintain 

Bamboo decking is easy to maintain, even easier than hardwood. You just need a vacuum cleaner or simply a broom for removing the small debris particles. Damp mopping at regular intervals is also highly recommended. You can clean the bamboo deck with a non-alkaline, non-wax floor cleanser. 

Taking regular care is also quite easy 

Bamboo decking is highly water and moisture resistant as well. It is highly resistant against stains, water damage and other sorts of regular wear and tear. Therefore, you can easily use water to mop the deck. 

Bamboo is more earthquake resistant than steel and concrete 

This might sound a little overboard, but it is a fact that bamboo can withstand the effects of earthquake longer and better than the concrete and steel, which are often dubbed as the most earthquake ready building materials. This is in fact a carefully circulated marketing propaganda, which is half-truth. Seismic test has already proven that bamboo can any day be more earthquake resistant than steel and even concrete. If you are living in an earthquake prone zone, bamboo is a wise choice. 

Use of natural components 

Bamboo decking products manufacturers use natural materials for making their products. This gives a chance of homeowners and home builders to switch to greener homes. These days, people are getting more environmentally conscious, which is a good sign. Accordingly, the overall market demand for bamboo decking and similar products has reached an all-time high. Products that are in contrast with the cookie-cutter world of readymade furnishing are growing strong in terms of market demand and value. Bamboo products for furnishing are some of the most eco-friendly furniture products at this moment that can reflect your environmental consciousness. 

Bamboo requires no irrigation and pesticides 

Pesticides and fertilizers cause great harm to the nature and to human body as well. There are responsible peasants and harvesters of bamboo who abstain from using all sorts of pesticides and fertilizers. This is due to the fact that pesticides and fertilizers do no real good to the nature and these agents are not required for bamboo farming as well. Bamboo grows naturally and there’s no need to use pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation for accelerating the growth process. This is the main reason why peasants in China do not feel the need to use these materials, nor do they use irrigation for maximizing crop production. 

Low-priced alternatives 

The bamboo decking products are some of the lowest priced decking products. The material is almost as cheap as the hardwood, but offers a broader range of benefits. You can find bargain decking materials online if you can successfully find a reputable seller and retailer of bamboo decking products.

When it comes to buying bamboo decking products, there are a few things which you need to take into consideration. You can find strong and durable bamboo products easily depending on which manufacturer or dealer you are choosing. Natural and uncarbonized bamboo which was sustainably harvested and manufactured can be an ideal choice. Strand woven bamboo products are even more durable and harder. Go online to compare the best of bamboo decking products manufacturers. There are many bamboo products manufacturers that offer free samples of their products to domestic as well as overseas potential buyers. Just mail them and ask for a free sample of bamboo decking.