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Selected Characteristics Of Bamboo Plate Manufacture Furniture

Oct 27, 2016

1, bamboo plate color natural, flexible, moisture, high hardness, and made a bold breakthrough in style, especially bamboo furniture, while retaining the shape on the basis of traditional bamboo furniture, incorporating many elements of Chinese or classical or modern furniture, has achieved the noble fashion and environmental protection, the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. Strand woven bamboo is suppressed by bamboo into yarn and then, its density and hardness higher than the laminated bamboo furniture is almost comparable with the old mahogany furniture.

2, moisture absorption, heat-absorbing properties of the bamboo plates higher than wood, corrosion-resistant, not easy to wear, not easily deformed, harder than wood density, compressive and flexural strength high, elegant style, can automatically adjust the humidity and moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in the summer and features. If using bamboo furniture, eyes in the indoor living comfort, prevention of myopia and other eye diseases and deteriorating. And good sound-absorbing the sound isolation characteristics of bamboo can effectively weed out sizzle, make the bedroom more quiet. Bamboo grain distinct and beautiful, even bamboo surfaces, also has a natural texture of dense and straight, and bamboo courtyards, very beautiful. Peach Blossom River hydrothermal carbonization of bamboo in production after a certain treatment, finished seal is good, can effectively prevent insects and mildew.