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Size Standards Of Green Furniture

Jan 12, 2017

Bamboo has always been given the cultural connotation Zen rhyme, its unique emerald and natural manners, giving a feeling of tranquility indifferent. Since ancient times, there are numerous celebrities Ascot with bamboo as partners, close to the natural self-cultivation, in Takenaka see through life, giving bamboo gentleman temperament. The movie "Crouching Tiger," "House of Flying Daggers" in the bamboo forest, faint natural bamboo intoxicating. A bamboo furniture is a blend of oriental culture and Buddhist qualities.

A piece of bamboo chair, simple and practical

Although simple, the gas can still revealing elegant


   Bamboo to make furniture, not only seem simple and practical, but there are some wooden furniture incomparable advantages.


     First, the development of bamboo furniture also use this feature bamboo culture of doing the brand, which lacks its own brand of Chinese furniture is definitely a blessing. Chinese bamboo culture is any other country in the world can not imitation and plagiarism, which is rooted in our traditional culture, there can fully exploit nutrients. Interested in developing their own brands for businesses to develop relatively wooden furniture bamboo furniture brand development space seem bigger, a choice is also large. But really need to put substance and meaning in order to achieve that perfect blend territory.


     Secondly, bamboo furniture is also very practical, can be made into furniture, and versatile. Now the general furniture can be made using bamboo as raw material, such as chairs, stools, tables, beds, doors. And bamboo furniture has become more simple and clean, giving a more comfortable feeling.


     Again bamboo as eco-friendly materials, finished product cycle is short, to alleviate the current shortage of timber useful. Because of the growing demand for wood, timber shortage has become an important reason hinder the development of furniture production, and rising timber prices, also makes bamboo furniture more competitive. Development of bamboo furniture can enrich manifestation of furniture, to better meet the needs of increasingly personalized consumer.


     Therefore, bamboo furniture needs or whether it is from