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The Bamboo Furniture And Kitchen Cabinet Advantages

Dec 07, 2016

Bamboo in China is a plant with deep cultural heritage, it is not only endowed with rich ancient culture, but also a common furniture materials, even in the modern, wood furniture is still a very trend furniture, more and more consumers start using bamboo furniture. Bamboo furniture due to sufficient raw materials, low, coupled with careful design, become the new darling of furniture. On the Chinese furniture market, bamboo furniture, fully embodies the concept of low-carbon green home life.

Bamboo furniture Advantages:

First, high-quality bamboo processing, natural environment, away from formaldehyde, UV absorption, clean indoor air;

Second, the cool, noise, moisture, heat-absorbing performance than wood;

Third, extravagant treat, cost-effective, anti-scratch-resistant and durable.

Fourth, the green, made from natural materials: bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet, antistatic, beneficial to human health. In particular, the depth of the plate after charring, processed into bamboo furniture permanent does not change color, will enhance the role of indoor harmful gas adsorption.