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The Beauty Of Bamboo Plywood

Dec 20, 2016

The Benefits of Bamboo Plywood

There are numerous reasons why bamboo plywood is becoming increasingly popular in the US and is being used as a substitute for traditional hardwood.

  • First of all, it is an attractive wood product that can be used to create a variety of different things from wall paneling, furniture and countertops to smaller items such as kitchen utensils.

  • It’s durable and as easy to mill as normal wood and can be cut and shaped as required.

  • It’s multi-layered manufacturing process provides additional stability which makes it resistant to warping. This helps make it easier to mill and enhances it’s longevity.

  • Purchasing a reputable brand ensures low formaldehyde emissions and is considered healthy for the environment. Many states are now beginning to introduce legislation that limits the effects of formaldehyde in respect to composite woods, something that has worried the industry for some time.

  • It is produced and manufactured in a sustainable manner which makes it one of the greenest building materials on the planet. The production of bamboo plywood provides valuable jobs for many outlying communities who depend on its income, particularly in areas where the soil is not conducive to other farming practices.

  • It’s strong and suitable for a wide range of building jobs while also being highly attractive once finished. There’s more to bamboo than just flooring and the different colors and thicknesses that can be produced make it a versatile material for many homes and businesses.

Bamboo has been used in most parts of Asia for the last 4,000 years, including China, and is an integral part of the culture. It’s been used to build bridges, make scaffolding, create homes, for use in furniture and a host of other things primarily because of the strength and the ease of growing it along with cheap production costs. Finding bamboo products in countries such as the US or Europe used to be difficult as it was considered a luxury but it is now one of the most widely available materials in the world.