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The Benefits Of Bamboo Furniture

Oct 27, 2016

Now very fast-growing bamboo and bamboo furniture is nothing new for us, historical records, as early as during the reign of the Tang and Song dynasties have had bamboo furniture.

Bamboo can be made into all kinds of daily necessities like desks, chopsticks, wooden stools, everywhere in our daily lives, are not rare.

Bamboo wood quality, density, compressive, tensile properties are very strong, and in some ways an advantage over wood. In addition to resilience, bamboo is stronger than wood moisture-trapping ability, so warm in winter and cool in summer.

Bamboo furniture, fine, light, elegant and comfortable, but there is still a lot of people will inevitably have some concerns, concerns. Many people worry that the problems are: insect bites, no fruit, cracking.

With the advancement of technology, radiation to the body and more. Peach Blossom River after depth carbonization of bamboo furniture, pest control moth, waterproof, processing of bamboo furniture fresh and chic, warm in winter and cool in summer, compressive and bending strength, green features, feel at home is very fresh, more beneficial to your health.