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The Six Misunderstand Of Selective Purchase Bamboo Flooring

Jun 06, 2017

The Six misunderstand of selective purchase bamboo flooring


Bamboo flooring as new and environmental protection decorative material for build engineering ,which made from the best natural bamboo ,but a lot of people make misunderstand purchase since they are not enough know bamboo flooring .
Now that lets us classify the six misunderstand of selective purchase bamboo flooring as below :


1.Mistakenly think the age of natural bamboo is the longer the best

As per professional selective ,the best maturation age of natural bamboo is 4-6 years ,which have good in stability and strength , the bamboo skin of old mao bamboo is too thick and too crispy ,its not adjust to bamboo flooring .


2.Mistakenly think bamboo flooring the longer ,the wide and the thick the best  

According to professional production ,its best to control the wide of bamboo flooring within 130mm,because the too wide the bamboo flooring is too easy cracks.the thickness is be best control within 15mm ,15mm thickness have enough for bending ,compression and impact resistance .


Some of bamboo floor manufacturers are trying cater to consumers misunderstand mentality what mistakenly think bamboo flooring the longer ,the wide and the thick the best,they are not take out other colour of natural bamboo ,such as green and yellow , although the thick can be 17-18mm ,the glue adhesive is not good of strength and tightness to keep bamboo flooring stability ,this is not science .


3.Excessive to prusue the texture and color of bamboo flooring is accordance

Due to the bamboo is smaller than wood ,which is less exposed to sunlight and has a distinct color difference.When choosing bamboo floor don't need to excessive to prusue the texture and color is accordance , allow a slight color difference, the whole even is good.


4.Mistakenly think bamboo floor is easy bug eat by moth and mould

All bamboo flooring products finished by though high temperature processing and seal with E1/E0 grade glue of green and Eco-friendly ,so its not occur bug eat by moth and mould .


5.Mistakenly think bamboo floor is not application cold zone 

Bamboo flooring is the same with solid wood composite floor which will be affected by the influence of humidity in the air ,but manufacturers considering the characteristics of the dry northern climate ,they has control the moisture of bamboo floor keep lower ,and the bamboo floor on the both sides and all directions after finishing processing ,it is not sensitive to the change of moisture in the air . so the bamboo floor is application cold zone ,which has large exported to Europe ,North America ,and adapted the weather conditions there .


6.Mistakenly think bamboo floor is easy cracks

Bamboo floor like soild wood composite floor is though high temperature and high pressure water resistant adhesive glue,agglutination intensity big,enough to resist general load and stress of the temperature and humidity changes ,so in general is not easy to cracks .