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You Do Know What To Be Aware Of When Buying Bamboo Flooring?

Oct 27, 2016

But how do you distinguish true or false?

1, first from the manufacturer based on the strength of only on the strong technical force in order to ensure the quality of the floor.

2, Peach Blossom River hard Bamboo flooring material is fiber density, compressive and bending strength, wear-resistant, easily moisture absorption, high density, fine flexibility, scalability, smaller features.

3, what taohuajiang Bamboo flooring is not pungent taste, without affecting environmental protection. Prevent mildew insects function.

4, the color appearance of the surface, elastic, cool in summer and warm in winter, moisture-proof, low hardness, color and other characteristics, ultraviolet light, with anti-static, dust, high temperatures, abrasion and other features, the Sun's direct influence on its smaller.