Color Bamboo Veneers and Bamboo Sheets for Crafts and Home Depot

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color bamboo veneers and bamboo sheets for crafts and home depot

After years of research and experiments,PX bamboo launched a series of colorized bamboo veneer of–Artificial Colorized(Red,Orange,Blue,Green,Purple,Mixed colored)

Sizes for Carbonized color thin bamboo sheet:

Normal size:(Length 2500)x(Width 860/630/430/320)
x(Thickness 0.16-0.6mm)
Density:680 kgs/M3
Backing:non-woven fabrics
Glue:E1/E0 Environmental protection glue

Coloring Procedure:
The colorized processing is to cut open the bamboo raw materials in to bamboo piece,then stain/color the bamboo slices by the special technology,
and color permeate through the interior of the bamboo piece,Final rotary–cut the colorized bamboo piece board to colored bamboo thin veneers.

The application of bamboo material is restricted due to its lack of the color and texture for optional,anyway,Color bamboo materials appearance opened up a new path for the future development in bamboo material market,which re-injection innovative energy in filed of furniture,decoration,crafts and other industry of timber using.

Colored bamboo Veneer can be divided into two series:pure color series and spell color(color combinations)series.Color can be customized according to the terminal needs.

The difference between colored bamboo veneer and common dyed bamboo Veneer:
The common dyed bamboo skin is using conventional veneer dyeing technology,which has been sliced out of bamboo skin staining,
it is just color bamboo skin but not deep staining,but now color is permeate through bamboo deep strip even can bamboo fiber has also been dyed.
This technology make sure the color not fade with a long time using,
also our new colored bamboo veneer can keep the bamboo original fresh and natural and fiber characteristics.

See effects of colored bamboo veneers and panels used:

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