Natural Color Bamboo Wood Sheet Home Depot

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Natural color bamboo wood sheet home depot

Natural color thin bamoo sheets including Horizontal thin bamboo sheet and Vertical thin bamboo sheet.

Sizes for natural color thin bamboo sheet:

Normal size:(Length 2500)x(Width 860/630/430/320)

x(Thickness 0.16-0.6mm)




Density:680 kgs/M3

Backing:non-woven fabrics

Glue:E1/E0 Environmental protection glue

Apply Area:Surfing board surface,furniture decking,arts and crafts,hotel club decoration,mobile phone shell,electronic product‘veneer for decorative panel etc...

Bamboo veneer is backed with either a paper or fabric fleece material to give the product more stability and strength.

Natural color bamboo veneer is very clean and transparent of Light transmittance,so it very often used as light crafts,cabinet cladding etc...See more details about natural color bamboo thin veneers and sheets as:

Projects and Crafts finished of natural color bamboo veneer apply in as:

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