Sawali Bamboo Skin Matting for Walls and Woven Crafts

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Sawali bamboo skin matting for walls and woven crafts

Bamboo Sawali Weave Matting,which the bamboo strip completely open cut by hand.And then use the bamboo trip to weave to matting by hand also,so it is totally hand–make matting.Like belowing iamge.

Bamboo Skin(sawali bamboo skin)matting styles:

Matting details of flower pattern:

Bamboo strip width:5~7mm

Overall size:630mmx630mm

Sheet size:1000mm x 2000mm per roll

Back:can with non-woven fiber backing

Surface treatment:mildew pest control treatment and surface varnish

And back with non-woven cloth

Usage:can be directly affixed to the wall with a nail fixed into the wall

Application:hotel renovation of bamboo furniture,bamboo crafts,bamboo wallpaper,bamboo lamp etc.

Woven Bamboo Veneer Used:Furniture covering,Ceiling,Wall decoration。

Bamboo woven veneers and bamboo skin veneers have more and more attention in the construction in today's society.

These bamboo products are mainly used for wall,floor,ceiling decoration and indoor and outdoor building decoration with a lot of features.

Bamboo woven veneers and Bamboo Skin Veneers from PX bamboo and wood products Co.,Ltd.Has features of natural texture,simple and natural and advanced surface wear-resisting,strength which has been widely used in practice and obtain the desired results.

Equipped with a professional factory, FOREVER RISE is engaged in manufacturing and marketing quality sawali bamboo skin matting for walls and woven crafts made in China at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China. And all of these products are of excellent design and competitive price.