Dark Carbonized Bamboo Strand Bamboo Ply Of Indoor

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dark carbonized bamboo strand bamboo ply of indoor

Strand Woven bamboo for furniture board of carbonized color has Light Carbonized and Dark Carbonized,which can control the light to dark degree as per client’s need.

See following the color arrange as:

Carbonized strand woven bamboo board has good application in Kitchen Table tops and,Coffe Table tops and,and outside table top and desk tops etc.Another hot application is Carbonized Stradn woven bamboo flooring,especially for public commercial building.

Indoor Strand woven panels Regular size:

1860 x 600

1860 x 1000

1860 x 1220

2440 x 1220

Thickness min.can be 4mm,5mm..30mm,40mm etc.and Up to cliens’requirement.

Other sizes can be produced as per client need.

Indoor Strand Woven very popular used as Bamboo Flooring,and indoor stair Handrails,Stair Blausters,Decorative Veneers on Table top,Counter top etc.

Indoor Strand Woven used as floor tiles and furniture materials,which as advantages of:

1.Color symmetry,because the bamboo growth-years is much shorter than the trees,so which is not seriously affected by sunshine,that is no significant difference between shade side and sun side,this so the bamboo floors are rich in bamboo grain and color symmetry;

2.Another Brilliant advantages bamboo flooring is of high surface hardness.Because the bamboo plant is belongs to grass which is with plant fiber structure,its hardness naturally is more than double of the wood,not deformation.

3.Life Time,theoreticaly the bamboo flooring life of up to 20 years.Compared to real wood,bamboo flooring has smaller contraction and expansion,and keep its stability.

4.Keep warm,Due to its large specific heat,and its high density,so in the winter,bamboo flooring can keep the heat not loss,therefore,bamboo floors has function of keep warm.

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