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Introduction and applications of bamboo weaving veneer s and bamboo skin veneers

Nov 23, 2016

Introduction and applications of bamboo weaving veneer s and bamboo skin veneers


Bamboo woven veneer is made of bamboo skin and thin bamboo splits, which production is to cut the laminated bamboo board into thin veneers after softening the bamboo board. Bamboo Woven Veneers   appears equal  to provide a new high taste for home decoration  and options. Bamboo skin, as a kind of new natural environmental protection material, can be widely used in bamboo furniture manufacturing industry and new interior decoration industry , it has broad prospects. Bamboo weaving is a kind of pure handmade decorative materials for furniture and interior decoration.

Bamboo woven veneers and bamboo skin veneers have more and more attention in the construction in today's society . These bamboo products are mainly used for wall, floor, ceiling decoration and indoor and outdoor building decoration ,with a lot of features.  Bamboo woven veneers and Bamboo Skin Veners from PX bamboo and wood products Co., Ltd. Has features of natural texture, simple and natural and advanced surface wear-resisting, compressive strength which has been widely used in practice and obtain the desired results.


Such as:  fire-proof bamboo woven ceiling used in Madrid, Spain, the New International Airport, Bmaboo Skin Veneers used in Shenzhen Vanke headquarters, Natural Bamboo Woven Veneer Mats used in Shanghai headquarters of Microsoft,  Carbonzied Bamboo Woven Veneer used in Shanghai Times financial centre and the Shanghai World Expo  etc..