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Why Moso Bamboo Is The Best Material Of Bamboo Veneer?

Feb 09, 2017

Why Moso Bamboo is the Best Material of Bamboo Veneer?

As we all know, bamboo veneer is generally processed from bamboo. It is difficult to process very thin bamboo veneer because of the high hardness of bamboo. Only advanced slicing equipment can achieve the thinness. Take high quality moso bamboo as material, make use of environmentally friendly adhesive to press bamboo square, and adopt unique bamboo softening technology to soften bamboo. The softened bamboo square can be sliced into bamboo veneer by advanced slicing equipment. 

Why moso bamboo is the best material of bamboo veneer? First of all, moso bamboo has shorter production cycle than other varieties. They can be useful after three to five years. Second, moso bamboo is harder than oaks and maple wood, which is very stable. According to the test, moso bamboo is 27% harder than red oak and 13% harder than maple. Its stability is 50% higher than that of red oak and 2.5 times that of maple. Therefore, bamboo veneer made of moso bamboo is solid and durable. 

Moso bamboo is not easy to expand, contract or bend. Its fiber is straight, it is processed along the fiber direction, little damage to the fiber, thus greatly reducing the probability of water absorption. But the wood fiber is circular, which is easy to absorb water and easy to deform. In addition, moso bamboo veneer has the consistent humidity and temperature with outside world even after high temperature of cooking and drying. 

From the above, moso bamboo is actually the best alternative to wood. The furniture and household items made from bamboo veneer have become more and more popular. Therefore, moso bamboo is the best best material of bamboo veneer.